East London school where ‘kids not taught to read’ rated Inadequate by Ofsted twice in one year

A school in East London slammed for not teaching pupils to read is still failing on education standards, according to the latest Ofsted report. When inspectors visited Ohr Emes primary school for boys on Upper Clapton Road in Hackney in July 2021 they ruled it inadequate. A year on the school has made some improvements but is still missing education standards expected by the government.

Last year Ofsted found staff “do not teach pupils to read” or “ensure that children in early years learn phonics”. They concluded this left pupils unable to read fluently and lacked a “good standard in written and spoken English”. Returning this March, inspectors said “staff have begun to give pupils more opportunities for speaking and listening in English”. But, they warned shoddy teaching could lead to bad habits.

It said: “The strategies for early reading and writing are not always modelled well. For example, the sentences that Year 1 pupils were given to read did not begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. As a result, pupils are at risk of picking up misconceptions at the very early stages.” They also found the new phonics programme was only put in place in January 2022 – six months after their first visit.

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Last year Ofsted found staff “do not teach pupils to read” or “ensure that children in early years learn phonics”

Inspectors also blasted the leadership who are “not properly trained” and have an “inflated view of the quality of education they provide”. They added there was “no evidence” of the impact of external advisors who were drafted in to support staff in addressing weaknesses.

The school was also chastised for it’s Early Years Foundation Stage last year, but problems have persisted with Ofsted saying “the teaching plan [which is handwritten] is not fully developed and there is no evidence of how well it is being implemented and monitored”. They also said “there is currently very little evidence of children’s ability to read and write in English”.

The Orthodox Jewish infant school has 56 pupils aged three to seven, and costs £7,500 a year. There is no website, so information is only available to prospective parents by the front office.

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