The massive flower wall next to the London Underground commuters have walked passed hundreds of times and never noticed

London has some of the most beautiful stations on planet earth. King’s Cross has a stunning web-like interior, and went illuminated at night St Pancras looks majestic and golden. But what people don’t know is that a little known station south of the Thames boasts is equally as gorgeous and boasts beauty of its own.

Most people will have been to Elephant and Castle at some point, whether it’s to go to Mercato Metropolitano, or catch the tube. It is a shining example of the increasing biotecture (architecture using plants) you see around the capital, and was installed by company Biotecture. The plants were specially chosen to help catch dirty particles in the air, and to attract pollinating insects.

It is also no coincidence that the wall is south-facing, meaning it will have sun most of the day when the weather’s good. A post about the great work was uploaded to online forum Reddit, accompanied by the caption ‘Living wall by elephant and castle 5/5. I think there’s been a glitch in the (seagull) matrix’.

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The installation is beautiful from all angles

In true Reddit fashion the comments section descended into chaos with people offering their views. One forum user has even been following its movements.

They wrote: “It died a couple of times and they had to replant it before they got it right. It’s clearly got a watering system in it which then trickles down and stains the. Plus it makes it looks like people have taken a slash against it.”

And it has inspired others to follow suit. “OOoh. This is cool. I want a green wall now. Have no idea where to even start though,” someone wrote. Another commented: “In all fairness it’s quite high up – if you walk past it on the ground you’d definitely miss it!”

Finally, someone added how they’re happy to see Elephant and Castle on the come up. They said: “Glad to see they’re making improvements to the area.”

This is the second organic installation on a London tube station by Biotetcure, the first being on Edgware Road station in 2011.

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