Housing crisis update: A man has now built a wooden house on a London pavement

There were over 21,000 households on the council housing waiting list in Tower Hamlets, as of October.

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The occupier is a young man, and regularly makes improvements to the house, Miah added.

He’s also erected it next to a BT digital advertising board, presumably for the free WiFi and USB charging.

Miah called for action from the council, claiming that people gathering around the house were putting off customers. But staff at neighbouring Eyeculture Photographic Lab said the man keeps himself to himself, and doesn’t disturb their customers.

IMG 20220519 122154320 scaledThe house has been built next to a BT digital advertising board with USB charging. Image: Greg Barradale

“When he’s here he is inside, he doesn’t disturb anyone. When he’s away he locks the door. He sleeps there at night,” the staff said.

They added that the previous, smaller, house had stood for two months. They described the man as well-dressed, and claimed he used to be an engineer for the London Underground.

“He said as long as the council doesn’t do anything for him, he will be here,” they added.

A Tower Hamlets Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of this person and their situation and are currently working on an accommodation plan for them. We do not intend to clear the structure until we can make an offer of accommodation, which we aim to do tomorrow (Friday) and we hope that the individual will accept.”


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