Shock over ‘horrific’ flat up for rent in London where the toilet is inches away from kitchen area

A LONDON flat has gone on the market for the seemingly reasonable price of £700 a month but there really is very little space.

The studio property in east London is so cramped that the toilet is just inches away from the washing machine.


The toilet is just inches away from the washing machineCredit: Zoopla

A photo of the flat was uploaded to Reddit along with the caption: “Who needs a separate bathroom and kitchen when you can combine both for just £700 pcm? As a bonus, with this setup, you’ll only ever need one sink/basin. Smh, the London rental market is on a whole different level.”

While the price of £700 per month in the capital is hard to beat any tenant really wouldn’t get much living space.

According to the letting agent, it would be ideal for a “light female”.

The shower and toilet are in the same room as the fridge and to make matters worse it appears there is only one sink.

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That would mean you would have to wash your hands after going to the loo in the same place where you have to wash your food.

From the photos, it would appear there isn’t even a cooker.

Reddit users didn’t hold back in showing their disgust at what they saw.

One user joked: “I look forward to my relationship with my girlfriend improving by getting to watch her take a s*** whilst I make us dinner.”

Another wrote: “At least the Christmas Yule log won’t take as long to make anymore.”

A third chipped in with: “Mmm, something smells nice, is that dinner I can smell, or yesterday’s dinner.”

While a fourth expressed their anger at the state of housing in London: “That is the most thoroughly depressing thing I’ve seen all week. You just despair don’t you.

“The gall of the estate agent to charge such an extortionate amount of money.

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“The nerve of the landlord to call that liveable. Everyone involved disgusts me.”

A sixth person raised a question by asking: “Is it even legal to have a toilet where food is being prepared?”

The flat certainly is cramped


The flat certainly is crampedCredit: Zoopla

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