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Your article (Car park to cafe bar: how the Really Local Group is renewing the UK’s derelict spaces, 12 May) quotes an Ealing resident as saying: “If we want to go and see a film we have to go to Westfield.” This is incorrect. The Act One Cinema, a community-run cinema on the site of the old Passmore Edwards library on Acton High Street, west London, opened in 2021 thanks to a campaign by Acton residents. Visitors are assured of a warm welcome.
Daniel Crawford
Labour councillor for North Acton

Jonathan Hauxwell may have enjoyed marmalade with baked beans or with cheddar (Letters, 13 May) , but would he have enjoyed it in an omelette, as cooked by my German landlady at my student digs in Portsmouth in the early 1970s? Another of her favourite omelette fillings was tinned peaches.
Dave Barrett

Orange juice on cereal seems luxurious. In the late 1950s and early 60s, my grandpop used to pour tea over his cereal – a consequence of rationing.
Alan Brook
Sale, Cheshire

On my first college breakfast at university in 1962, I watched incredulously as an American student spread marmalade on his grilled kipper.
Tim Ottevanger
Lutterworth, Leicestershire

For Sunday dinner in the 1950s, Dad, who worked at the famous Black Dyke Mills, saved some gravy to pour on his rice pudding. This raised no eyebrows in the West Riding village.
Alan Duckworth
Horwich, Greater Manchester

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