Knife crime among biggest problems in south east London

KNIFE crime is among the biggest concerns that need fixing in south east London, according to News Shopper readers.

We asked readers what the biggest problem is that needs fixing in the area.

The majority of readers said knife crime was the main issue that urgently needed tackling.

Other issues such as social and affordable housing were also mentioned.

The area saw a spate of knife crime incidents in April, including the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Teon Campbell-Pitter at a community venue in Lewisham.

There were also another four stabbing incidents the News Shopper reported in April which were in Orpington, Bromley, Southwark, and Lambeth.

Readers expressed concerns about rising crime rates and safety in their local towns.

Here’s what you had to say:

Pauline Curran said: “Knife Crime. Instant arrest.

“Courts need to support the police with this.

“Compulsory short sentence for the first offence of carrying a weapon and increasing for re-offending.”

Michael Mackenzie said: “Too many youths involved in gangs and knife crimes.”

Mandy Jane: “Drug dealing and knife crime, seem to go together in many cases.”

Joan Bull said: “Blatant drug dealing, knife crime.”

Dinah Colley said: “Knife crimes and violence.”

Wendy Woods said: “Affordable/social Housing shortage and knife crime amongst the youngsters.”

Jacqui Mary said: “Knife crime.”

Joanne Millen said: “Drugs – leads to robbery, assault, knife crime, violence, behaviour issues, unemployment, homelessness/housing issues, gangs, anti-social issues, burglaries.”

Cherry May said: “Definitely the knife stabbings.”

Sandra Whittingham said: “Speeding and knife crimes.”

Patricia Abbotts said: “Knife crime.”

Edam Mouldy: “Knife crime with targeted stop and searches.”

Rachel Williamson said: “Knife crime.”

Social and affordable housing was another major issue among locals with several people complaining.

Tim Stephen Cole said: “Social housing, roads, and schools.”

Mandy Burns said: “Social housing.”

Kari Draper said: “Knife crime and housing.”

Joanna Ellis Phillips said: “Affordable housing.”

Alexis Barratt said: “Youth services and affordable housing.”

Al Keeffe said: “House prices reduced.”

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