Local elections 2022 LIVE: Results for London and UK councils as Tories lose Wandsworth and Barnet

The Conservative Party has lost two London strongholds at the 2022 local council elections as ballots are still being counted across the capital. Tories in London witnessed both Barnet and Wandsworth fall to Labour in the early hours of Friday morning.

Local election results are still being declared after millions of people across the UK voted in Thursday’s local council elections. An announcement on the future of Westminster City Council, another key battleground seat, is expected imminently.

Other results will land between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening as local election officials reveal who will manage bin collections, schools, council tax rates and parking fines in England, Wales and Scotland for the next four years.

The Labour Party is likely to make the most gains of the back of any Tory slump – but could face a tough time in Croydon after the council declared bankruptcy in November 2020.

MyLondon will bring you all London council results as they arrive as well as the most interesting results from the rest of the UK. Our reporters will also be reporting live from all the best counts. Email tips to [email protected] and scroll to follow the live blog below.


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