Surya Sen releases debut mixtape ‘At What Cost’ – News

North London rap rising star Surya Sen has just released his debut mixtape ‘At What Cost’.

This is Sen’s first full-length project, and it is rooted in his experiences as a second-generation British Bengali, his life in London, and his experiences in the club sphere.

Released through SKINT Records, this thirteen track project shows off Sen’s musical capabilities and is packed with house-infused rap that’s influenced by Sen’s cultural heritage.

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The storyline of the album follows Sen on a post-lockdown night out in the city, and the album follows his experiences, his heightened emotions, and narrates stories of friendships.

Track highlights include Bengali-language infused track ‘Buccho Ni Ba Bhai’, coveted single ‘Earn It’, and energetic track ‘Jessica’. Guests Bone Slim, Fela.Mi, and Di-Vincent all feature on his latest album.

In addition to the release of the new album, Surya is also announcing an accompanying visual to track ‘Buccho Ni Ba Bhai’, the first video as part of a three-video series which accompanies ‘At What Cost’.

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This video tackles gentrification in East London, a pressing issue which is harming Bengali communities around the city.

Sen says: “The 3 part video centres around an American franchise-owner closing a business deal with an elusive London character in his quest to build a new 5 storey shopping mall in Brick Lane and gentrify the local area. Whilst on the phone, this illusive Londoner asks the American businessman if he’s ever partied in London and goes on to explain the secret government parties that are taking place in London, he is then persuaded into coming over to London to close the deal.

“As the American businessman arrives he has his bag stolen whilst he’s on the train by Surya and his friends in a bid to sabotage the deal and preserve the heritage of Bangladeshi culture in London. After realising they are in over their heads Surya and his friends get rid of the bag, The businessman finally locates the bag and meets in a club to finish the deal. All the while Surya and his friends are also in attendance at the club”

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‘At What Cost’ is available now on all streaming platforms. To keep up to date with Sen, follow him on Instagram.

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