Car strikes the front of The Keg in north London

London Police confirm one person has been transported to hospital by ambulance in serious condition, after a vehicle struck a cement wall at London’s CF Masonville Place.

The crash happened after 9 a.m. in front of The Keg restaurant and damage was extensive to the front-end of the SUV.

Officials also say first responders performed CPR on the driver.

What exactly caused the vehicle to hit the restaurant remains unclear. But, it followed an erratic path, according to London Fire Department District Chief Jamie Britton.

Cab Driver Najib Ahmadi tells a similar story. He was parked by the bus terminal about 150 metres from the crash scene.

Ahmadi says he noted an SUV weaving in a south parking lot near the corner of Richmond Street and Fanshawe Park Road, when suddenly it crossed a grass boulevard, then hit a bus shelter, shattering glass, he says.

“Then it hit the garbage can, then straight through here [the parking lot] It hit the wall. It wasn’t normal, so much speed,” says Ahmadi.

He tells CTV News he thought the vehicle was going to strike his taxi. But instead, it grazed a mall light standard and continued on to hit the wall of the restaurant.

After the driver was transported away from the scene, police investigators remained at the restaurant and the bus shelter.

London transit passengers using the busy transfer point have been forced to wait along curbs for their ride.

Passenger Yury Sharyapov agreed it is very fortunate no one waiting for a bus was hurt.

“Indeed, I see maybe eight or 10 people at this bus stop every day,” says Sharyapov.

Both Sharapov and Ahmadi are hopeful the driver recovers.

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