England powercut: Thousands of homes across DOZENS of regions without power in huge outage | Science | News

Nearly a dozen regions across the UK are currently suffering from an ongoing power outage, as seen on a UK Power Networks map that details the postcodes affected by the cuts. More than half are in Essex, while Peterborough, Norfolk and East Sussex are greatly impacted, too. Meanwhile, dozens of postcodes are without power in the West Midlands.

Full list of postcodes affected in the West Midlands:

• CM20 1
• HA9 7
• HP19 1
• HP27 9
• IP 2
• IP12 3
• IP14 3
• IP24 3
• IP25 7
• IP26 4
• IP26 5
• IP27 0
• IP28 7
• NR12 1
• NR26 5
• NW9 5
• PE37 7
• SG1 3
• SG13 8
• SG6 1
• SS13 1
• BN27 3
• BN27 4
• BN8 6
• BN20 9
• BN21 2
• BN2 3

Last week, a major power failure in east London caused havoc at Canary Wharf’s offices amid reports there had not been a cut as severe in about two decades.

Knocked out computer networks and activated emergency electricity supplies forced staff at several banks to work from home. Several banks relied on auxiliary generators to keep their trading teams on site.

Meanwhile, a fire at an electrical substation on Castor Lane in Poplar, east London, caused significant disruption to the electricity supply across that part of the capital on Tuesday last week.

Station Commander Colin Digby, who was at the scene, said in a statement: “Firefighters have worked hard in challenging conditions to tackle the substation blaze. A small amount remains alight and it is likely that fire crews will be here for hours to come. 

“The fire has caused power outages in the area. Currently, the Limehouse Link Tunnel has reopened fully and the Blackwall Tunnel is opened southbound but still closed Northbound. The Rotherhithe Tunnel remains closed.”

Fire crews from Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Shadwell and Plaistow stations brought the fire under control.

However, around 38,000 customers were estimated to have been temporarily left without power by the incident.


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