BREAKING Four central London bridges blocked by protesters

Members and supporters of eco-group Extinction Rebellion have blocked four major bridges in central London on the hottest day of the year (April 15).

Lambeth bridge was the first bridge to be targeted, with protesters including doctors and nurses taking the bridge.

The other bridges affected are Westminster bridge, Blackfriars bridge and Waterloo bridge.

The protesters are taking part in a “sit-in” – a form of protest involving literally sitting, or sometimes standing, in a certain place.

Reports suggested that the group moved out of the way quickly when emergency vehicles needed to get through.

The Metropolitan Police has issued a statement on the protests taking place in London today.

Climate activists hold flags, placards and banners in front of a double-decker bus

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A spokesperson for the force said: “We are aware of a number of demonstrations happening today. We are seeing pockets of protest which are causing delays and disruption across central London.

“A policing operation is in place and officers are on scene and working to manage the impact.”

Activists on all bridges are believed to be holding banners, some calling for an end to fossil fuels and some for “care and freedom.”

Climate activists hold a banner that reads

Climate activists hold a banner that reads “end fossil fuels now”

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Earlier, Extinction Rebellion members gathered a large crowd outside of Charing Cross police station to demand the release of a protester who has been held at the station since Wednesday.

Emma Smart is a scientist and Extinction Rebellion activist who is believed to have been arrested for gluing her hand to a window as part of the group’s demand to end the use of fossil fuels.

She has been held since Wednesday and has been reportedly denied bail.

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