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Daniel Laskos: Four convicted of ‘terrifying’ murder of 16-year-old in east London



our males have been found guilty of the murder of a 16-year-old who was stabbed in the neck.

Rakeem Green-Matthews, Joshua Kerr and Callum Hands, all aged 19, and a 16-year-old who cannot be named due to his age, were all convicted at the Old Bailey on April 1 for their part in the murder of Daniel Laskos, 16. The four will remain in custody until their sentencing on April 7.

Mr Laskos was killed by a group wielding knives as he left a shop in Harold Wood, Romford, at 6.41pm on May 7, 2021.

Despite attempting to defend himself, Mr Laskos died at the scene in what prosecutor William Emlyn Jones said was a “terrifying” attack.

Callum Hands

/ Met Police

Joshua Kerr

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Rakeem Green Matthews

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He said: “The group’s reaction on spotting Daniel was immediate and it was terrifying.

“Between them they were heavily armed – they drew their weapons and ran at Daniel.”

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Whellams of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command. He said: “This entire incident was captured on CCTV that my team has studied at length.

“The footage clearly showed Daniel Laskos standing on the pavement with a friend on Church Road when the suspects approached them. Pulling knives and a baton from their clothing they charged them.

“Daniel and his friend instinctively tried to back away, but were caught and stabbed in a targeted, frenzied attack.

“We still don’t know what the circumstances were that motivated this murder. What we do know is that a family is changed forever and continues to struggle to come to terms with their loss. Our thoughts are with them today.

“We also know that four young men will forfeit their futures as a result.

“As homicide detectives we see the effects of extreme violence as part of our daily professional lives, and the speed with which often minor disputes can escalate into extreme violence goes far beyond our comprehension.

“It is vital that the community, educators and police work together to stop this mindless and wholly needless loss of our young men’s lives. If you know someone who carries weapons or is involved in violent crime please do the right thing and tell police what you know – your actions could save a life.”