Rishi Sunak moves belongings out of Downing Street as he clings on to job as Chancellor


The Sunday Mirror understands Rishi Sunak’s family is moving to their West London pad because his eldest daughter is about to go to boarding school

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Under-fire Rishi Sunak moved belongings out of Downing Street today, as he desperately clung on to his job as Chancellor.

Removals vans were seen lining up to take furniture and personal items from the flat shared by Mr Sunak and wife Akshata Murthy and move them to their newly-refurbished, luxury West London pad.

A red velvet armchair, a shelving unit and several bags and boxes were loaded onto two trucks, which arrived at Downing Street’s back gate early on Saturday morning.

But the Sunday Mirror understands the move was planned before Mr Sunak’s popularity nosedived this week.

The family are making the move because their eldest daughter is about to go into her final term of primary school, the Mirror understands.

They want to be nearer to her school for the last few months before she goes to boarding school.

The couple want to be closer to their daughter’s primary school for the last few months before she goes to boarding school



Mr Sunak is expected to split his evenings between the Downing Street flat and their Kensington home, but continue to work from Number 11.

Previously a shoe-in to replace Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister, Mr Sunak’s fortunes have been on the wane since last month’s disastrous Spring Statement failed to provide help for families facing a cost of living crisis.

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This week it was revealed Mrs Murthy enjoyed non-dom tax status – and Mr Sunak had held on to his Green Card as a ‘resident’ of the United Sates for more than a year after becoming Chancellor.

It comes amid calls for partners and spouses of ministers to be banned from being non-doms – and avoiding paying tax on money made outside the UK.

Labour said Mr Sunak and his family potentially saved tens of millions of pounds in taxes through his wife’s non-dom status.

Boxes and furniture were removed from Mr Sunak and Mrs Murthy’s Downing Street flat



And Shadow Transport Secretary Louise Haigh blasted the chancellor for not being transparent about his family’s tax status.

“He has come out on a number of occasions to try and muddy the waters around this and to obfuscate,” she said.

Mrs Murty announced on Friday that she would voluntarily pay UK taxes on all her worldwide income as she did not want her financial arrangements to be a “distraction” for her husband.

But she will keep her non-dom status, which allows her to take advantage of India’s zero rate of inheritance tax on her family’s multi-million pound business empire.

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And the SNP called on Mr Sunak to publish his tax returns.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the scandal showed the Chancellor and his wife lived in a “completely different universe in financial terms” from ordinary people left struggling by the cost-of-living crisis.

The Lib Dems have called on the PM to ban the wives and partners of ministers from using the non-dom “loophole”.

Lib Dem Treasury Spokesperson Christine Jardine said: “Government ministers have a duty to do what’s morally right. When they change peoples’ taxes, they and their immediate families should play by the same rules as everybody else.”

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