Waltham Forest election: Larkswood independent on development

An independent candidate for Larkswood ward is promising to protect the area’s leisure centre and its neighbouring parkland from being developed into hundreds of homes.

Retired construction teacher Tom Quigley was inspired to run in the local elections after successfully campaigning to stop the Larkshall pub from being developed last year.

The 65-year-old’s biggest political priority is to protect the Larkhall Leisure Centre and Nursery, which has been proposed as a site for development into 280 homes in the council’s draft local plan.

Tom told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “I feel we were not being listened to so I decided to put my head above the parapet and do what’s best for Waltham Forest residents.

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“Independents want what the majority of the residents want. We’re not toeing a party line. The majority of residents want the leisure centre left as it is.”

Tom said he has lived in Chingford for 44 years and also previously worked as a tree feller for the London Underground.

The 65-year-old feels residents would be better represented by a councillor who is not tied down by party politics.

As far as he understands there are no detailed designs showing the size of the 280 homes and new leisure facility.


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