Swarm of cockroaches found inside Plough & Harrow pub

A swarm of cockroaches was found inside a pub that has been closed.

Plough & Harrow pub, at High Road, Leytonstone, has been shut down after the heavy infestation was found in a food hygiene inspection.

Environmental health officers were horrified to find the pests, a lack of cleanliness and poor hygiene standards during a routine visit.

The business was considered an imminent risk to customers’ health and was forced to pay the council £1,328 on Thursday (April 6).

An infestation was found at Plough & Harrow pub

As a result, Foggy Lake Ltd and Star of India restaurateur Shah Ahmed cannot operate a food service out of the premises until the imminent risk to the public is removed.

An infestation was found at Plough & Harrow pub

An infestation was found at Plough & Harrow pub

A spokesperson for Waltham Forest Council said: “This case underscores the importance of good food hygiene standards and the hard work of our team in protecting our residents from risks to health and safety.

“While the council continues to do everything within its means to remove these risks, we urge customers to check food hygiene ratings before eating out or ordering a takeaway.”


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