Oil protests: ‘Burning your future’ Mass protests as 10 key UK oil terminals BLOCKED | UK | News

The activists are calling for the UK government to stop funding all new investments in oil, gas and coal. 

Just Stop Oil has vowed to continue disrupting the UK’s oil infrastructure until the government agrees to halt all new licences for fossil fuel projects in the country.

Protesters were pictured sitting in the road to block oil tankers from leaving sites, while others climbed on top of the tankers.

The demonstrations have reportedly forced Exxon Mobil, one of the country’s largest privately owned underground oil pipeline distribution networks, to temporarily suspend operations at some of its sites. 

Exxon Mobil has confirmed that “small protests” were taking place at their fuel terminals in Hythe, Birmingham and West London. 

A statement on the groups’ website said: “The Just Stop Oil coalition is demanding an end to the government’s genocidal policy of expanding UK oil and gas production and is calling on all those outraged at the prospect of climate collapse and suffering from the cost of living crisis to stand with us.


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