London’s ‘loneliest dog’ finds home after more than 500 days at centre


cocker spaniel dubbed London’s “loneliest dog” has finally found a home after more than 500 days at an animal centre.

Now Hattie has been taken in by Dean and Tracey Blackmore at their home in Surrey, ending her stay at the RSPCA’s Southbridge Animal Centre.

The pair fell in love with the adorable spaniel when they saw the RSPCA’s Facebook post and started visiting the dog two months ago after losing their own rescue dog Timmy last year.

Mr and Mrs Blackmore were found to fit the criteria and took Hattie home on Sunday.

After welcoming the cocker spaniel home, he said: “She’s such a loving dog, she follows us around, and loves attention. She’s a working spaniel so she’s got lots of energy, bless her it’s like having a little baby sometimes.


“She’s enjoying exploring the new scenery during walks and despite her complexities Hattie is a lovely dog. We really hope that we can build a trusting and loving relationship with her.”

Hattie was taken to the animal centre in August 2020 after her owners struggled to cope with her behaviour.

Although a healthy two-year-old puppy, Hattie does have certain behavioural issues and she was readopted by the centre last December.

Mr Blackmore added: “She’s had a grumble, but we’re fully aware of how to deal with that. To be honest, we saw the worst of Hattie at the RSPCA so nothing is going to come as a shock.

“It is not gonna be an easy ride. We’re well aware of what we’re going for and we’re going into this with our eyes wide open.

“We’re working with a dog behaviour expert who specialises in helping owners overcome the type of issues that Hattie displays so we’re positive about her future.”

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