Fresh plans for ‘Angel of the South’ statue in Kent after London Resort proposals scrapped

Plans are underway for a giant white horse statue to be built at the site of the now withdrawn plans for a London Resort theme park. The site, located on the Swanscombe Peninsula, was set to open in 2025.

Artist’s drawings of the site showed the theme park lit up at night, with beams pointing up towards the sky along with a medieval-themed castle and lava waterfalls. However, the plans were withdrawn this week and speculation has been rife about what will replace them.

Now, KentLive can reveal that there are new plans to build the “Angel of the South” in its place. Similar plans were made for a white horse statue to be built in the Ebbsfleet Valley several years ago. Designed by Mark Wallinger, the colossal sculpture was to be 160ft high.

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It was to be taller than the Angel of the North in Gateshead and Dream in St Helens and planning permission was granted by Gravesham Council on 15 April 2010. However, since 2012 the project was stalled due to a lack of funding.

The new horse is reportedly going to be “bigger and better” than the previous plans. While keeping the original design, the new model will be twice as tall as the original, standing at 320ft. This would make it as tall as Big Ben and taller than the Statue of Liberty, which is 305ft. However, it isn’t quite as tall as the Blackpool Tower which stands at a surprisingly tall 518ft.

Local residents have said they are unhappy at the idea of a gigantic white horse overlooking the landscape. Ross Kennett, from south London, said: “I work in Kent and drive there all the time.

“To think of a giant horse the size of Big Ben ruining the landscape… It’s an absolute joke!”

John Clavichord, from Deal, said: “You couldn’t make it up. It’d be interesting to see if this actually happens.”

The White Horse is significant to Kent and is an ancient symbol of the county. It even appears on the county flag and white horse hill figures are a common feature of England as a whole.

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