Sisters ready to tackle London Landmarks Half Marathon for cancer charity in memory of their mum

Laura said: “In June 2018 our mum, Jane Sheard, received a devastating diagnosis of sinus cancer.

“She passed away just four months later, leaving a vast hole in our hearts.

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Laura White and Hayley OHara are running the London Landmarks Half Marathon in aid of the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, a charity that is devoted to raising awareness, and adoption of, ground-breaking head and neck cancer treatment.

“We’d like to try and raise awareness of the illness as it was a cancer that we had pretty much never heard of. Mum would often get headaches and complain of sinus pain in the winter, but would just attribute them to common colds.

“In the summer, she’d blame hay fever.

“We will never know how long the cancer had been growing but it wasn’t until April 2018 that mum felt troubled enough to go and see the GP.

“The GP didn’t delay too long before referring mum down the cancer pathway but they themselves really weren’t sure what they were dealing with; several courses of antibiotics, nasal sprays, recommending the dentist removed a tooth all before being referred to the specialists.”

In honour of their mum, Laura and Hayley will be travelling to London to run the half marathon together.

So in honour of their mum, Laura and Hayley will be travelling to London to run the half marathon together.

The race starts on Pall Mall and finishes near Downing Street, taking in views of London’s mos iconic landmarks, including Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Column,and the London Eye along the way.

Laura said: “It’s probably not much of a shock to those of you that know us for me to be doing it, having had a bit of a history with running.

“But for Hayley, this is a real achievement having had to start from scratch with her running and less than 18 months since the arrival of her daughter, Una.

“This event seems a fitting tribute to mum as she used to love her trips to London and it’s something we did as a family on a couple of occasions.”

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