Waltham Forest Safe Streets app helps women report harassment

A NEW Safe Streets app has been launched in Waltham Forest to help women and girls report incidents of harassment and other incidents when they feel unsafe.

It gives users the choice to report incidents anonymously for information only, to access specialist support, or to report incidents for formal investigation by the police or council. The app also provides a direct link to the 24/7 Stop Hate UK helpline.

The app is funded by Waltham Forest Council and follows a 2021 survey that showed how 89 per cent of women in the area had experienced street-based sexual harassment in the borough. It also found that a total of 69 per cent had changed their day-to-day behaviour due to harassment.

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Unwanted staring, comments on women’s appearances, and suggestive remarks were all raised as common types of harassment in the survey. A reporting app, penalty fines for perpetrators, and increased police presence were the three most popular requests to improve the situation.

To download the app, visit www.walthamforest.gov.uk/wfsafe-streets


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