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Man found guilty of murdering toddler daughter of girlfriend just 5 weeks after they met


Kamran Haider killed 16-month-old Nusayba Umar by hitting and shaking her just five weeks after meeting her mother, the Old Bailey heard

Kamran Haider was convicted at the Old Bailey

Image: PA)

An unlicensed dog breeder who shook a 16-month-old baby girl to death just five weeks after meeting her mum on a dating website is facing a life sentence.

Kamran Haider, 39, was heard to slap Nusayba Umar and tell her to ‘shut up’ by her mother Asiyah Amazir.

The little girl had a fit later that day and was taken to King’s College Hospital with life-threatening head injuries.

Her brain injury was so severe life support was withdrawn four days later.

Haider had attacked an ex-girlfriend’s toddler in a locked bathroom 15 years before he killed Nusabya.

He denied murder and blamed his girlfriend but was convicted of the charge by an Old Bailey jury today. Haider was also convicted of child cruelty.

Haider was found guilty by a jury at the Old Bailey in London

He decided not to attend court for the verdicts as Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb adjourned sentence until Wednesday and said: “I would like to give him a chance to be here to be sentenced.”

Haider, also known as Kamran, was seeing a girlfriend in Manchester when he met Ms Amazir through a dating website a month before Nusayba’s death.

She moved into to his home in Colinton Road, Ilford, east London, to help with the illegal puppy-breeding business he was running from the back garden.

“He was an unlicensed dog breeder and at the time when they met he was also looking for help with that business,” said Ed Brown, prosecuting.

“She agreed to move in to Colinton Road to assist with the day-to-day routine of looking after the dogs and, in due course the puppies.

“It seems that this arrangement also involved, to start with, some physical relationship between the two – although it was the fact that the defendant had a girlfriend in Manchester.

“Ms Amazir believed her efforts would be rewarded following the sale of puppies, they were valuable, the dogs, and reasonably significant, the money involved.”

The court heard Haider was strict and abusive with Nusayba, hitting her on the hands and putting her in stress positions.

When Ms Amazir tried to stop him, he slapped her and say she was too soft with her daughter.

Mr Brown said: “He would use abusive language towards her.

“He started using “time out” discipline for periods upwards of 30 minutes, making Nusayba stay in a corner.

“He would hit Nusayba on the hand whilst she was in “time out”; he would make her adopt various “stress” positions; and would slap Ms Amazir if she tried to intervene.

“The defendant appeared to justified this by accusing Ms Amazir of being too soft, telling her that Nusayba would “grow up to be a p****”.

The mother was packing up her belongings to move out when Nusayba was killed.

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