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‘Vile’ video shows Arsenal fans chanting ‘f****** Jew’ on train before Aston Villa match


Arsenal fans were filmed chanting “f****** Jew” on a train in Birmingham before the London football club’s match against Aston Villa. The clip, posted by Tottenham fan @N17_SAUL to Twitter, shows a train full of Arsenal supporters singing the racist abuse on a train towards Witton station near the Villa Park stadium on Saturday (March 19).

West Midlands Police and the Met Police are aware of the anti-Semitic incident which a Tottenham Hotspur spokesperson described as “vile”. He told Jewish News : “Antisemitism in any form is wholly unacceptable and we support all efforts to kick it out of the game. We hope that those individuals conducting this vile chant are identified and dealt with in the strongest way possible.”

The dozen fans beat the side of the train while singing: “We’ll be running around Tottenham with our w****** hanging out. Singing I’ve got a foreskin haven’t you? F****** Jew.” A man can then be heard adding, “love that one”, while others laugh.

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Fans can be seen slapping the side of the train as they sing that racist chant

It’s not the first time the chant has been caught on camera. In March 2016 adifferent group of Arsenal fans were filmed shouting the same song on the London Underground ahead of the North London derby at White Hart Lane. At the time a source told MailOnline they had also witnessed songs about “the Holocaust and Auschwitz”. West Ham fans have also been accused of performing the song.

Campaign Against Antisemitism analysis shows on average over three hate crimes are directed at Jews every day in England and Wales, with Jews four times more likely to be the target of hate crimes than other faiths.

The British Transport Police and Arsenal FC have been approached for comment.

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