West London’s Xadi Flexes His Versatility On New ‘Floating In Lilac’ EP

West London riser Xadi has blessed us with a brand-new EP titled Floating In Lilac.

Xadi showcases his range across six tracks on this project, demonstrating his skills as a rapper, singer-songwriter and producer. Floating In Lilac explores themes of pain, change and love; which all result in a heartfelt body of work.

Much of the EP is infused with a smooth sound, most notably on the Nina Cobham “Timing”, but we do hear Xadi flex his raps on the hard-hitting lead single “Evidence”.

Speaking on the EP, Xadi said: “Floating In Lilac follows someone staring at a lilac night’s sky, looking at the distant stars, constantly chasing them, believing they’re more beautiful than they are in actuality because of the purple lens through which they’re viewing it. Never getting any closer or further away, but always chasing.”

Be sure to take in Floating In Lilac in full below!


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