‘Cursed’ McDonald’s Painting Spotted Near Chain’s London Headquarters

Ronald McDonald, the mascot for the global fast-food chain, Mc Donald’s, is a symbol of cheerfulness and is a favourite with the kids. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, Mr. Ronald is a clown. However, a painting recently spotted near the London headquarters of McDonald’s depicts an entirely different image of Ronald McDonald, and trust us, it is kind of disturbing. The painting was spotted by an amateur comedian, Ivan Kirby, alongside High Road Finchley, North London. In the picture, a horrifying and evil Ronald McDonald, with sharp teeth and lethal claws is seen grabbing onto a child who is terrified. The painting was spotted from a window of an RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals) shop located in East Finchley, roughly 500 metres from the McDonald’s headquartered in London.

The painting contains the signature of the creator, which also revealed the date of this scary creation. As per the signature, the picture was painted in 2018. Many people have, since then, titled the pictures with various names, including ‘Pennywise’s cousin.’ The chilling portrait, by many, is considered haunted or cursed, and many people have even been suggested burning or destroying the painting.

Comedian Kirby, like anybody else who spotted the painting, was wondering how the painting landed so near the headquarters of McDonald’s. Kirby also shared jokingly how reasonable the painting was, and that followed by a bargain, the painting could be owned for a reasonable £25, or roughly Rs.2,500.

Ronald McDonald was a character claimed to be created by Willard Scott, who was a local radio personality in Washington D.C. The character was created for television and used to portray a hamburger-happy clown. Years later, the clown was taken over by the fast-food joints to appear in their commercial. Since then, Ronald McDonald has become an inseparable part of the franchise.

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