Sex predator Brian Sengendo jailed for minimum of 42 years for killing woman and violating her body | UK News

Sex predator Brian Sengendo has been jailed for life with a minimum of 42 years after killing a vulnerable woman and violating her dead or dying body.

The 27-year-old delivery driver beat and stabbed Therasia Gordon, a 44-year-old sex worker from Edmonton in north London, the Old Bailey heard.

He then had sex with her dead or dying body before dumping her body in woods in Enfield last August.

Therasia Gordon was murdered on the night of 3 August. Pic: Met Police

Earlier the same night, he targeted two other vulnerable women in the area, the court was told.

Judge John Hillen, sentencing, said he had needed to consider whether a “potential serial killer was caught at the outset of a murderous campaign”, adding that it was “difficult to say”.

It was a “borderline” case for a whole life order, the judge continued.

Sengendo was found guilty of killing Ms Gordon and attacking the two other women in a violent four-hour spree at the Old Bailey in January.

The court heard he kept a collection of Tarot cards and had recordings on his mobile phone talking about devils and demons.

He told one of the victims: “Repeat after me, I’m the devil’s child,” before forcing her to perform a sex act.

The van used  by Brian Sengendo. Pic: Met police

The van used by Brian Sengendo. Pic: Met police

In addition to the life sentence, Mr Hillen imposed four discretionary life sentences for two kidnaps, rape and attempted murder plus determinate terms of prison for making threats, to run concurrently.

The judge told Sengendo: “Sex workers – women, men, transgender – remain and will remain vulnerable.

“It is that vulnerability you took advantage of when you set out on a determined effort to kidnap, to rape, ultimately to kill a sex worker and then to violate sexually the dead or dying body.”

Sengendo was arrested in the early hours of 7 August last year and his T-shirt was found at the scene of the attack on Ms Gordon.

DNA testing linked it to the defendant, Ms Gordon and the saliva of another victim.

Sengendo claimed a man called “KT”, whom he met through work, must have taken the T-shirt and the spare keys to his van.

Ms Gordon’s mother, Jan Munday, reading a victim impact statement in court on Friday, said: “I can’t understand why this man made my family live through Therasia’s murder day after day through a long and difficult crown court trial.

“He knew what he had done but continued to make my family suffer.

“As a family, we will never get over the fact that I have lost a daughter and they have lost their sibling. I will never come to terms with what this person did to my child. He has left a big hole in my heart.”

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