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Caravan have expanded to many parts of London, Canary Wharf being the most recent, but now they’re adding something new to their main roastery just off Caledonian Road. 

Until now, the roastery has been just that – roasting and supplying coffee to all their restaurants (and elsewhere) across London. They started roasting at the original Exmouth market restaurant, then at the back of the King’s Cross restaurant before moving to this bespoke building. Now it’s being revealed in all its glory to the public with the opening of the new Brewbar at Lambworks. 

The Brewbar will be serving coffee all day, naturally, as well as fresh pastries and sandwiches for breakfast or lunch, all baked on-site. They’ll include an exclusive banana, caramel and coconut croissant and buns that include sweet ricotta, marsala, fennel seed and peach or curried lentil, fried curry leaves and ghee. 

Right behind the cafe. you’ll be able to see the roasters in action. Alongside the espresso, they’ll also be using a Gabi Master Brewer at this site with a view to letting people try more seasonal blends, single origins and extra special releases, saying that this Caravan location is part “concept store”. 

Planned for the future will be a coffee school – so keep an eye out for news on that.


More about Caravan Brewbar

Where is it? Unit B North Road, London N7 9DP

When does it open? Officially opens 21 March 2022 but is on softs until then.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @caravanroastery.


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