Purplebricks goes upside down, and down the Tube…

Purplebricks issued an unexpected tweet yesterday, showing one of its own advertisements posted on a London tube train – upside down.

With the witty intro “Our latest London Tube panel …. @specsavers #ShouldHaveGoneTo” the agency shows its new underground advertisement.

The advertisement itself has no reference to it being posted the wrong way up, so this is either a Transport for London mistake or a clever advertising technique which may be lost on many.


Either way, for those who can’t read upside down, this is what the ad says:

“The Purplebricks treatment is a bit like enjoying a gentle foot rub followers by a gentle shoulder massage all which resting with cool cucumber slices on your eyes. 

“With us you get a dedicated local agent who knows a ton about property in your area. We can even run all the viewings if you’d prefer to put your feet up.

“Everything you need from an estate agent, wrapped up snug in a fixed fee. And relaaaax. Let’s get you sold, shall we?”


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