Welling film director to launch third movie starring Frank Harper

Welling film director to launch third movie starring Frank Harper

A film director from Welling is set to launch her third movie based in south east London and starring British actor Frank Harper.

Kaitlyn Boxall will be launching her movie called Remember Us which is about tackling the issues of dementia and discrimination through two different generations.

The 21-year-old told the News Shopper that she wanted to film predominantly in Bexley Borough as she feels that it is “underrepresented” by the filming industry.

Frank Harper in Remember Us

The main scenes of the movie are being filmed on Halfway Street in Sidcup with some scenes taking place in Welling.

Kaitlyn says her main aim is to raise awareness of dementia and the issues of discrimination within the movie as she feels these subjects “are not being talked about” in society.

She said: “We’re highlighting dementia through one of the main characters called Arthur Miller.

News Shopper: Remember Us castRemember Us cast

“He then meets a young boy called Lucas through community service.

“The two first meet after Lucas delivers food parcels to his home, where they eventually form a bond which is later challenged by dementia.

“Mr Miller also shows signs of racial abuse towards Lucas because of the issue of different generations.”

After starting to plan the movie during the coronavirus pandemic, Kaitlyn and her team aim to finish filming in April.

News Shopper: Remember Us castRemember Us cast

She wants to create a film that combines two different generations together through dementia and ongoing issues in society.

She also wants to capture “the realism of modern-day British crime” throughout the movie.

Kaitlyn says it is enlightening to work with Frank Harper after his many years of experience within the film industry.

She explained: “It’s great to work with someone like Frank who has been in well-known films that we’ve watched like the Football Factory and St George’s Day.

“Frank is also a great mentor for the other actors we have on board with us.

“We have a mixture of up-and-coming actors in the film and someone with experience like Frank.”

Kaitlyn wants this film to connect with the audience on a “personal level” and for them to understand the real issues in society.

Kaitlyn has previously directed other films such as Behind Closed Doors in 2021 and Someone Like You in 2020.

The distribution of the film is still yet to be confirmed but she is aiming for the movie to be shown in festivals across England by September 2022.

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