‘I moved to Thailand with my Hinge match after just one date’

‘I moved to Thailand with my Hinge match after just one date’

A 24-year-old woman from South London has left her “boring” life in London to go travelling the world with her Hinge match after just one date.

Summer Fox has gone viral on TikTok for documenting her adventures with Canadian boyfriend Matt Giffen, 26, who she met during his short stay in London.

After just one date, the couple decided they didn’t want to be apart from each other. Instead, they chose to travel the world together starting with Thailand.

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In an interview with the Daily Star , Summer said: “I hated my boring 9-5 job being forced to make teas and coffee every five minutes when I knew I should be in a hot country living my best life. Also just the mundane routine of life in the UK was affecting my mental health and I felt as though I was wasting my prime years not following my dreams.

“I was happy the day I got sacked because I felt free… and then the next day I met Matt. If I didn’t get sacked I wouldn’t have met Matt because I’d be working and he was only in London for one day. On our first date we established that we both wanted to travel and hinted we could go together one day. The day after our first date we went to Manchester to spend a couple of days together before he went back to Canada.”

Summer continued: “It was there that we came up with a plan to travel together, because we knew if we didn’t think of something then we may not see each other again. The way our relationship has developed throughout, we spend 24 hours together and instead of grating on each other, we fall more in love everyday. It’s also just great to be in love again after four years of being single and picky.”

Summer also revealed that her family were not shocked at her decision to travel the world because they knew she was unhappy in England.

“I live for that kind of spontaneity and excitement!” she said. “It’s not out of character for me at all. I’m a thrill seeker and I like doing things that make me feel like the main character of a movie.”

Summer, who is now being paid for brand collaborations online, admitted to enjoying her newly-found fame on TikTok despite receiving negative comments from online trolls. The couple has already earned thousands of pounds after travelling for just one month.

“I’ve received a couple of bitter comments saying they hope he cheats on me, saying it won’t work out because we’re from different countries.

“[But] I loved that it went viral, it added to the excitement, and both me and Matt love the support! It’s also enabled me to be able to earn money through brand collabs while I travel. I’ve earned a few thousand pounds, more than I’ve spent whilst travelling.”

After Thailand, Summer and Matt plan to travel to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bali.

“Who knows I might end up going back to Canada with Matt!”

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