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The best street markets in London- Arjun Deepak, Wilson’s School


5. Greenwich Market, Greenwich (Southeast London) 
Near the grandeur of the Cutty Sark and Greenwich Hill is the villagelike, homely Greenwich High Street which is home to Greenwich Market. With (non alcoholic) mulled wine to warm the spirits in winter, artisan coffee stalls and more, the market is fantastic for niche food and drink, such as a stall which creates ramen burgers, using ramen noodles as the burger bun. Perfect to grab a bite and then take a riverside walk or a cruise, Greenwich Market offers unique food options in a world of fast food chains.

4. Brixton Market, Brixton (South London) 
Brixton, despite its notorious reputation, is home to one of the most eclectic markets in London, stretching from the Electric Avenue clothing and jewellery market to Pop Brixton, offering a range of street food. Along the way, Brixton Village, which has a range of businesses, offers delicious food options and has many cultural stores. The sheer variety of cuisines available in Brixton is astounding, spanning from Argentinian to French to Nigerian to Vietnamese. This electric atmosphere and cosmopolitan feel puts Brixton Market up there with the heavyweights of London. 

3. Southbank Market (Central London) 
Running along the banks of the River Thames, Southbank Market is a mainstay of London, with the winter market in particular lighting up for Christmas. With the London Eye and, in winter, the Somerset House ice rink nearby, this market is perfectly located on the south bank of central London. The cultural centre of Southbank is also host to arts and music performances, with the nearby street food market creating an unrivalled atmosphere. The fairground atmosphere of the market despite its location also makes it unique, with theme park rides, street food, the London Eye and an arts centre all jam-packed into the South Bank. 

2. Camden Market (North London)

Although Camden Market is often labelled touristy and overcrowded, it is still one of the biggest and most vibrant markets in London, still maintaining its eccentricities despite its popularity. Camden Market practically sells anything you can think of, from vintage clothing to Egyptian jewllery. The old alleys of Camden combined with modern food stalls perfectly characterise modern London, with glimpses of the future and throwbacks to the past right next to each other. The Regent’s Canal, which runs through Camden, also provides a perfect place to take a boat ride, perhaps while munching on pasta from the market’s Italian Alley.

1. Portobello Road Market, Notting Hill (West London) 
Despite being incredibly busy and a buzzing, lively market, Portobello Road has a charm that no other market in London has, with quaint antique shops and iconic film locations, the scent of frying falafels and freshly baked churros alongside vintage thrifted clothes which can be haggled for. Mishmashed colourful houses and the nearby Little Venice lend to the bohemian atmosphere of the area, with pricey and cheap cafes and food stalls from countries halfway across the globe from each other right next to each other. The Notting Hill Carnival also is one of London’s biggest celebrations, which makes Portobello Road its home. Combining the multicultural history of Notting Hill and the upscale, fancy Kensington nearby into one, Portobello Road Market is undoubtedly the best in London.