Man jailed after driving car into group outside west London pub


man has been jailed after deliberately driving his car into a group standing outside a west London pub.

Charles Bishton, 26, was jailed for three and half years earlier this month for driving his car directly into two people outside a pub in Uxbridge on May 1 last year.

He was also disqualified for 31 months at Isleworth Crown Court after he was found guilty for two counts of attempted GBH, dangerous driving and affray.

The court heard how Bishton, of Johns Road, Colchester, had been drinking at the pub before getting involved in an argument and threatening to run people over in his car.

After parking his black Hyundai opposite the pub on Moorhall Road, he drove at speed into a group of people in the car park.


He struck a 30-year-old woman who hit the bonnet and a 32-year-old man.

Both have since made a full recovery, police said.

He fled the scene, abandoning the Hyundai in nearby New Denham with obvious signs of recent damage.

Officers tracked down Bishton to an address in Bravington Road, Maida Vale and he was arrested for GBH and dangerous driving.

When interviewed, Bishton provided no comment to all questions put to him and he pleaded not guilty in court.

Met Detective Constable Raheli Shepherd said: “Charles Bishton showed no regard for the serious, or possibly fatal injuries that his reckless actions could have caused and it is only by luck that the victims have sustained minor injuries.

“I want to thank those members of the public and the brave victims who have helped secure this conviction by providing the evidence.”

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