Heathrow Airport: Furious British Airways passenger blasts ‘lazy’ baggage handlers who ‘laughed’ at families struggling while ‘little girls were crying’

A furious British Airways passenger wishes he had never went on holiday after a terrible experience at Heathrow Airport on Saturday night – and is yet to be reunited with his luggage. Paul Farrow, from Hertfordshire, was due to fly into London City Airport with his wife on Friday evening (February 18) after a half-term break in Switzerland.

Storm Eunice wreaked havoc with the pair’s plans, but they were able to stay an extra night at their hotel near Zurich – albeit a lower quality room – before flying to London’s Heathrow Airport the following evening. Things went from bad to worse when they arrived at Terminal 5, with Paul telling MyLondon how “lazy” baggage handlers watched on while families with “little girls crying” struggled to be reunited with their luggage.

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The queues at Heathrow Airport on Saturday night

He said: “When we arrived at reclaim on Saturday night there were three or four staff unloading the carousel. They were literally dumping bags all over the reclaim hall. Then, for no apparent reason, they just stopped. British Airways have posted on their social media channels it is because the scissor lifts can’t be used in high winds – a complete pack of lies.”

Paul says that he could see his luggage was just outside, because he has tags on his luggage. He claims: “The truth is it was approaching 10pm, when the airport closes. A group of perfectly healthy men just couldn’t be bothered to load the carousel.

“The BA staff on Saturday were nothing short of a disgrace. Clueless, indifferent and showing no empathy whatsoever. A group of baggage handlers were milling around laughing while mums were trying to get stuff for their babies.

“Some people needed medication that was in the luggage and little girls were sobbing because they wanted their toys. If those men can laugh while that is happening in front of their very eyes, shame on them. How they could look themselves in the mirror I just don’t know.”

Four days later, Paul and his wife have still not been reunited with their luggage, and he has slammed the airline’s customer service as an “absolute disgrace”. Customers are reporting that phone lines are closed, and that no one is replying to Twitter or Facebook messages for up to 36 hours.

Paul said: “To be honest, BA customer service has been appalling for the last two years. They continually find something to blame for their shortcomings and now it’s the weather. It hasn’t affected other airlines in the same way, or other airports as far as I’m aware.

“Quite simply, it’s all down to the shambolic shortcomings of one building and one airline, Terminal 5 and British Airways. T5 was opened to great fanfare by BA promising state of the art this and that, but the news has been littered with numerous problems since it opened, luggage delays being the most prominent.

British Airways CEO Sean Doyle sent loyal customers an email on January 30 to reassure them that things were going to improve, according to Paul.

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Paul added: “British Airways are posting numerous lies and untruths on social media to cover their incompetent backside. They proclaim they want to be a premium national carrier. Currently, they are a national joke and a national embarrassment. Whatever did visitors from abroad think when they landed at Heathrow on Saturday night. Honestly, I’ve landed in third world countries that have done a far better job.”

A British Airways spokesperson told MyLondon: “We are extremely sorry to all our customers who have been disrupted during the extreme weather conditions in the last few days. We know we have let people down and that isn’t good enough, but can reassure our customers that we are doing absolutely everything we can to improve the situation.

“We are sorry that some customers who were able to travel have had their bags delayed, and our teams are working round the clock to reunite them with their luggage as quickly as possible.”

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