Cheapest and most expensive London boroughs to raise a child

The London Borough of Bromley is the best area in the capital to raise a child, a new study has found.

The study, conducted by childcare and education experts Little Ones London, looked into childcare costs in all 32 boroughs of London, as well as the average rent for a two bedroom property and compared the two to the average salary in the area, to reveal the best areas in the city to raise a baby.

Bromley, in southeast London, is the borough which offers the best economic conditions to raise a child. The area’s average monthly childcare costs for 30 hours a week are £1051.80, which combined with the average monthly cost of renting a two-bedroom property of £1300 amounts to £2351.80 – that translates into 90% of the average income of £2612, the lowest costs to income ratio of any London borough.

Second on the list is the borough of Havering, in East London, thanks to monthly costs amounting to £2133.50, which are the lowest of the list due to the low childcare costs at “only” £982.50. The costs correspond to 91.24% of the average salary of £2338.40.

Kingston upon Thames, in southwest London, closes the top three: the overall monthly costs, obtained from the childcare costs of £1082.70 and average rent of £1390, amount to £2472.70 and are 92.57% of the average gross monthly salary of £2671.20.

On the other end of the list, Kensington and Chelsea places as the most expensive borough in London to start a family, with monthly expenses that amount to £4095.70, a combination of childcare costs of £1349.70 and average rent of £2746, and a gross monthly salary of £3068. This means that parents will need to spend 133.50% of the average income into their new family.

Second and third most expensive boroughs are Hackney, in East London, and Westminster, in Central London, where expenses correspond respectively to 130.17% and 125.79% of each borough’s average monthly salary.

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