Metropolitan Police Federation Says It Has ‘No Faith’ In London Mayor Sadiq Khan

The Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents more than 31,000 officers in the capital, has stated it has “no faith” in London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The move follows what the Federation called the ‘very public’ ousting of Commissioner Cressida Dick by The Mayor and associated statements and comments from Sadiq Khan, which the Federation claim have undermined the ‘professional, dedicated and incredibly difficult work of tens of thousands of hard working and brave police officers from across the capital.’

“This is not a move we take lightly,” says Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation.

“We have let the Mayor’s office know in no uncertain terms how our brave and diligent colleagues deserve better.

“The atmosphere amongst Metropolitan Police officers is horrendous – it’s rock bottom.

“Officers in London feel saddened and angry that Commissioner Cressida Dick has been pushed out in the way she has. She was reforming. She was changing. The culture is changing. We are deeply disappointed with the actions of the Mayor.

“The hard work of our colleagues – and public trust in our colleagues – is being undermined by politicians.

“And by the Mayor of London in particular.

“The continuing scaremongering, sniping and sweeping statements are causing disaffection with the public… not the thousands and thousands of hard-working officers who are out there keeping people safe.

“These officers are being unfairly lambasted for things they haven’t done.

“Every minute of every day – as we speak – thousands of Metropolitan Police colleagues are out there putting their safety at risk, tackling knife crime and robbery, countering terrorism, capturing child sex offenders, locking up bad people.

“The Federation will continue to speak up for these courageous colleagues.

“They are being forgotten about by our elected Mayor. Enough is enough. Officers have no faith in Sadiq Khan.”

The Metropolitan Police Federation has stated publically that they are ‘sickened by the very small number of incidents that have hit the headlines over recent months.’

However, the Met Federation has remarked that the small minority of officers involved ‘are not reflective of an entire workforce, despite the narrative being pushed.’

Ken added: “We’ve got to put some context on what we are talking about. The incidents that have taken place are horrific. We do not want these individuals in the job.

“But the Federation will continue to speak up for our good officers.

“We totally accept that we have to deliver for the public and work to improve confidence, but if you haven’t got your workforce with you then you are not going to achieve what you’re setting out to achieve.

“My colleagues are working day and night to keep London safe.

“To be all branded in this shaming and negative way – as they are being by some politicians and many sections of the media – is wholly unfair.

“This doesn’t happen to any other organisation. As we see on a daily basis, this does not apply to any other profession. We have got to be fair here.

“Frankly what we are viewing is politicians trying to use policing and the career of the country’s most senior police leader to deflect from their own failings.

“Many other people in public life could learn from the accountability policing – and the outgoing Metropolitan Police Commissioner – has shown.”

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