Ryanair passengers flummoxed after flight from Cork to London lands 583km off course during storm

Ryanair passengers have told how their flight from Cork to London landed 583km off course during Storm Eunice.

The storm – Ireland’s second of the week – wreaked havoc on some flights on Friday with dozens of delays.

One group of passengers, indenting on going from Cork Airport to London Gatwick, found themselves 583km away in Edinburgh after spending some time circling over the airport in London.

According to a spokesperson for the budget airline it was all down to the storm and “entirely beyond our control” – but that didn’t stop people wondering why it had to go so far away, Cork Beo reports.

A flight track map shows it making the massive detour after a number of go-arounds above Gatwick.

A number of other routes also had to divert over the day.

A spokesperson for Ryanair said: “Due to Storm Eunice, this flight from Cork to London Gatwick (18 Feb) diverted to Edinburgh. Ryanair sincerely apologises to all those affected by this diversion, which was entirely beyond our control.”

The plane left Cork at 11.05am and touched down in Scotland at 2.03pm.

One person told CorkBeo how staff then told them they might have to make their own way to London from there.

They also blasted the airline for charging people for water while it was all happening.

After a while the plane refuelled and left Edinburgh at 4.55pm before finally getting to Gatwick around 6.15pm.

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