Revealed: The London borough with 33% more young women than men


andsworth has the highest ratio of young women to men in the country, research shows.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that there are 33 per cent more females in their twenties than men living in the south-west London borough.

The next London borough with the biggest variance in gender is Lambeth, which has 33,474 young women compared to 29,515 men – a 13.4 per cent difference.

Hackney is in third place with 23,181 young females compared to 21,028 males, followed by Islington in fourth.

However, dating experts have cautioned single men living in these gender-skewed areas to not get too excited.


Kate Mansfield, a leading relationship coach, told The Times: “In my experience of working with clients, finding love has little to do with the available singles in your area. In fact, I have had many more clients in remote areas with a smaller dating pool finding love more easily.

“Perhaps this is because when something is sparse, there is an intrinsic value placed on it and a slower pace than the frenetic swiping that happens at scale in big cities means it’s easier to form a deeper relationship.”

Danny Dorling, a geography professor at the University of Oxford, said: “More girls go to university than boys; more graduates migrate to London; so Wandsworth ends up with that 33 per cent difference.”

The Isles of Scilly is the second most gender-skewed area in the UK after Wandsworth, with 145 females living there compared to just 113 males.

Edinburgh has the fourth largest disparity with 51,496 young women compared to 46,133 men – an 11.6 per cent difference.

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