‘I visited London’s narrowest house and it looks like something straight out of Harry Potter’

London’s narrowest building, located in Shepherd’s Bush, North London, is a quaint three storey building that makes its impression on the surrounding bustling high street location. Painted in royal blue, the building was once home to a hat shop and the nod to it’s quirky history is apparent in its front bottom floor window as a selection of top hats adorn the buildings façade.

Just minutes away from Shepherd’s Bush station and nestled within a high street busy with shops from hairdressers to cinemas, the tall and extremely thin building looks like it could have landed straight from Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. It’s quaint, quirky exterior is juxtaposed by the dull and unextraordinary buildings that neighbour the house.

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The narrow house, offering great proximity to the Central Line and all manner of shops and amenities, was taken off the market in December last year after it failed to sell for over a year. The property, though only narrow enough for a maximum of two people to stand side by side in any of its three storey rooms, was on sale in the region of £1million.

The quirky building stands out from its neighbours

The house stands at 5.5 feet wide and is dwarfed by it’s neighbouring buildings, fittingly for its exterior, imagine Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson (AKA Harry and Hermione) lying down and that is the same width as the property. It’s quirky charm and aged exterior allows the property to stand out and given its bold colour choice that is exactly what the property intends to do, whether it’s snapped up on the property market or not.

Far removed from the usual town houses and high-rise flats of the London skyline and residential areas, this building offers a welcome break from the monotony and predictability of London’s busy streets.

Narrow building Shepherd's Bush

The property was historically home to a hat shop

The three single windows in the property’s entire exterior accentuate the property’s narrowness and undoubtedly will provide the resident who may eventually move into the property a view out onto the curious faces of Londoners looking up at the unique building.

The street itself, Goldhawk Road, is also home to a whole of host of quirky period properties, including the Shepherd and Flock Pub, another narrow building with a distinctive and charming exterior.

Shepherd and Flock Pub, Shepherd's Bush

The Shepherd and Flock pubs, a few doors down, holds many of the same qualities

Located just a stone’s throw from Shepherd’s Bush Market, a visitor may think nothing of the high street and it could be easy to miss the building altogether, but as London opens up and returns to some semblance of normality post-Covid Londoners are once again spotting the quirks that make this city such a vibrant place to be.

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