London chaos: Huge protest hits capital as fury erupts at NHS Covid vaccine mandate | UK | News

Thousands of protesters flocked to central London to remonstrate against mandatory coronavirus vaccination for NHS staff. Dramatic footage shows protesters dancing to Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, suggesting the Government’s measures go too far and encroach on civil liberties. With the new rules coming into effect on April 1, there are serious question marks over what the future holds for up to 70,000 health care workers unless they get jabbed in the next 67 days. Today furious NHS staff and their supporters tried to raise awareness about the issue in a bid to overturn the new Covid mandate passed in Parliament.

The NHS100K is an initiative launched last November by a group of ambulance workers who are are desperate for freedom of choice and against the idea of compulsory vaccines.

As stated on their website, their aim is to “connect the 100,000 plus health and social care staff in the UK who, it is estimated, will lose their jobs on April 1, 2022, as well as all of those who support our freedom to choose”.

The website adds: “ brings together NHS, care, and social work colleagues, vaccinated and unvaccinated, clinical staff and non-clinical, who are saying NO to a mandate.

“We stand united in favour of freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and informed consent.”

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NHS staff face having their contracts terminated and being made redundant if they remain unvaccinated.

And the dearth of midwives in the UK could worsen, should the 2,000 unjabbed midwives choose not to get incoluated in the next 10 weeks.

One of the protesters, Kerry, who was interviewed by MyLondon lifted the lid on why she refused to get jabbed.

She said: “I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all and had one vaccine.

“I  think I should make my own decisions about what I put in my body, I’m more than willing to lose my job over it.” 

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Tory backbencher and former Government chief whip Mark Harper, who is now chairman of the Covid Recovery Group of Conservative MPs urged the government to rethink their decision as the country cannot afford to lose so many nurses.

Mr Harper said: “Mandatory vaccination of NHS and social care staff is not justified by the evidence, two doses provide weak or no protection against infection [by the Omicron variant] and even after a booster it wanes quickly after 10 weeks.

“Practically, the NHS and our social care system cannot afford to lose tens of thousands of skilled dedicated staff at any time but certainly not now.

“It’s now urgent for the Government to rethink, drop the policy and deliver protection through testing instead.”

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