Help protect The George Tavern (again)!

The poor old George Tavern. Honestly, has any London pub or venue ever been through such a struggle to keep doing what its punters want it to keep doing?

Back in 2015, Time Out reported on the Stepney’s venue’s attempts to survive after a block of flats was planned for next door – with its inevitable slew of noise complaints and damage to the live music venue’s licence.

In 2016, we told you about how the pub got a temporary reprieve, thanks in part to celeb supporters like Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Nick Cave, Sir Ian McKellen and Grace Jones. 

Later that same year came the news that the proposed flats next door wouldn’t be happening, after all, which seemed like it might be a slightly more permanent grace for the Grade II-listed boozer. 

Ho no. Now there are new plans for a development that includes the pub’s former function room. Once again, the problem is potential noise complaints from residents, which could affect the pub’s licence and ultimately threaten its future. 

But, you can help! If you want to save one of east London’s longest-serving music venues, you can contract the planning authorities and stop the threat. 

Write to Tower Hamlets planning case office at these addresses: [email protected] / [email protected]

State that you are objecting to the planning application (PA/21/02309/A1).

Say that you wish for the planning application to be denied by the planning committee. Request the planning committee demands a Deed of Easement be created to protect The George from the risk of future noise complaints if the development is allowed to progress. Also request that the planning committee demands new noise surveys be conducted now that the venue is operating as usual, outside of Covid-19 restrictions.

The George also stresses that it is good to include your reasons for objecting to this development. Eg, that it is one of London’s oldest public houses and a listed building. The redevelopment of the surrounding estate will have an impact on the historic nature of the building as well as severely disrupting its ability to trade. The planning application will increase the likelihood of noise complaints from new residents and could place the long-term future of The George as a music venue at risk.

Have your say. Help a London venue survive.

The George Tavern, 373 Commercial Rd, E1 0LA.

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