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French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a stern warning to Britain as he stressed the EU will “stick to” the Brexit agreement, regardless of “links of friendship” still in place with the UK.

Addressing the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, the French leader said the only way to “remain friends” is to respect the Brexit agreements made between Brussels and the UK, in a stern warning he will not cave to London’s demands.

Mr Macron said: “The links of friendship between ourselves and the people of the United Kingdom are there and will remain.

“Economic and social progress we’ve done together is too much to be forgotten but to continue to move together and work together after Brexit, the UK government needs to commit itself in good faith, respecting the agreements already concluded with the Union with we will stick to.

“We want to make certain that the agreements entered into are respected, when it comes to the rights of our fishermen or Northern Ireland protocol or the vital discussions which have to be had in the future.

“We must be clear and we must be tough in saying that agreements entered into must be respected.

“That’s the way to remain friends.”


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