The ‘top dog’ friendly walks in south west London

Walking your dog in the winter can be cold, dark, and sometimes gloomy.

That’s why we’ve compiled the top spots to walk your furry friend – across south west London.

London is a busy, bustling city with tons of people and high-rise buildings.

But if you look closely, you can find beautiful grassland full of nature and trails for you and your pooch to enjoy.

Here are our top destinations for dog walks:

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a site for wildlife conservation and is London’s largest area of special scientific interest.

Pedestrians can expect to see a range of ancient oak trees and perhaps, even herds of deer.

Richmond Park has a range of refreshment points – so pedestrians can grab a hot drink whilst enjoying the crisp winter air of nature.

A TripAdvisor reviewer said: “It is a great park for dogs to play and swim in the lake”.

Streatham Common

Streatham Common has a great nature trail for walkers and their furry friends to follow.

It features a beautiful park with a hill view of Streatham and the surrounding area.

Local pubs and shops overlook the Common, as well as mega supermarkets Tesco and Aldi.

Your Local Guardian:

A reviewer said: “Streatham Common is a vastly under rated area of South London.

“A walk up the common to the Rookery and you find yourself in a calm oasis of bird song and quiet conversation.

“There is plenty of room on the common for exercise and dog walking.”

Tooting Bec Common

This exceedingly large area has land dating back to mediaeval times.

Wandsworth Council monitor and protect Tooting Bec Common and it is a site of “Metropolitan importance” due to its stretch of grassland.

The Common is notable for many large oak trees and is commonly used for fitness activities.

Your Local Guardian:

A reviewer said: “I have been visiting the common for years, not that I live near there, but my family do.

“It’s a great green space covering a large area.

“There are tarmac paths and soft trails to choose from.

“Great for dog walking, children etc.”

Battersea Park

Battersea Park is a 200 acre area of green space – perfect for a day out with the canines.

In the park, there are a selection of trails to follow, as well as a long walk next to the Thames River.

The park also features several outdoor sports facilities, a lake, bandstand, and a children’s zoo.

Your Local Guardian:

A reviewer said: “This park is very beautiful, and you will see all kinds of dog breeds.”

Wandsworth Common

Wandsworth Common features a lake surrounded by paths and walk ways – dog friendly.

There is a selection of woodland areas and great open spaces.

Refreshments are available inside a small café for people, as well as pooches.

Your Local Guardian:

A reviewer said: “It was a great circuit.

“There are mini lakes – great for dog walking areas.”

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