ITV The Chase: Viewers all say the same thing about London contestant’s ‘relatable’ plan for winnings

ITV The Chase: Viewers all say the same thing about London contestant’s ‘relatable’ plan for winnings

The Chase viewers are all saying the same thing this evening about one contestant from Chiswick in West London.

Jinni, who is now retired but has previously worked in stockbroking in London, New York and Paris, had fans of the show fuming just seconds after she opened her mouth.

The 72-year-old was deemed ‘too posh’ to be on the show after she admitted she would spend her winnings on joining a horse-racing syndicate after she sold her last pony in 2021.

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One said: “You do you, Jinni. Let’s face facts – you didn’t need the money. #TheChase.”

A second joked: “I love someone relatable who really needs the cash. #thechase.”

A third chimed in: “A #TheChase contestant possibly more unpopular than Boris Johnson.”

A fourth wrote: “Ooh I’m rather posh don’t you know #TheChase.”

Jinni and Mark were caught by chaser Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan with 52 seconds left on the clock, and so they lost the £6,000 they brought through to the final chase.

Jinni admitted it was ’embarrassing’ to be caught so soon, but said she was pleased to have met Bradley, adding: “That’s all I wanted to do.”

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Earlier in the show, viewers were in stitches within seconds of the show starting after host Bradley Walsh was forced to remind a contestant who’s in charge.

First up to face the chaser was contestant Richard, 64, a community DJ from Caterham in Surrey.

Appearing a little nervous when being welcomed on to the show by Brad, Richard, who also goes by the name DJ Ricardo, said “welcome” in response to his host.

Bradley immediately chimed in: “No, I say ‘welcome to the show’, you’re the guest, you say ‘thank you’ and I go, ‘that’s ok’!”

Viewers were in hysterics, with one sarcastically saying: “Great start for DJ Ricardo #TheChase.”

A second joked: “Guaranteed he won’t make it to the final chase.”

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