Unvaccinated residents walking around South London compared to murderers slaughtering people with a Samurai sword

Unvaccinated people in South London have today been compared to “murderers slaughtering people with a Samurai sword”, prompted by the high number of unvaccinated people in Lambeth.

An unknown author, writing a comment piece in South London Press, said: “Next time you see someone slashing through the Blue or East Street market with a Samurai sword murdering and maiming in their path, would you do nothing but watch?

“Of course not. But too many are walking our streets blatantly endangering others with an invisible killer”.

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Due to high number a cases, particularly in South London, and a large percentage of ICU patients being unvaccinated, this has prompted a wave of concern about London’s large unvaccinated population.

Currently just 38.3 per cent of Lambeth residents have received their booster jab

The piece in South London Press continued: “The sheer number not looking after their loved ones is staggering. It’s not what our parents and grandparents would have stood for in The Blitz”.

Lambeth has the highest rate of cases in the whole of London, and the third highest in the UK overall (2 January 2022).

In Lambeth, 34.7 per cent of people are yet to receive a single vaccine, but this is less than some London boroughs, such as Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea, where 39 per cent have not had a first dose.

Percentage of uptake of a first dose per London Borough. Areas of South London are among the least vaccinated

Percentage of uptake of a first dose per London Borough. Areas of South London are among the least vaccinated

For third doses, which have shown to be crucial to combat the more infectious strain, just 38.3 per cent of Lambeth residents have received one – Newham has the lowest uptake with just 26.7 per cent of people receiving a booster.

The reasons behind the statistics are complex and can’t be attributed to a single factor. However, a variety of reasons are likely at play – including Lambeth dense population and younger and more ethnically diverse population.

In Lambeth, three in five people describe their ethnicity as other than white British, according to the council. There is a historical trend of lower vaccine uptake in areas with a higher proportion of ethnic minority groups – who may have a higher degree of distrust or poorer access to healthcare services.

Medical professionals have consistently urged those yet to get a vaccination to come forward, stressing they will not be “judged” for doing so.

London Pharmacist Melissa Dadgar wrote on Twitter today (Sunday, January 2): “I’m seeing lots of first doses in the vaccine centre lately.

“I always make sure to say thank you to them, they often seem nervous that they’ll be in trouble or judged for their delay. I can’t stress this enough: I’m grateful to every single person who walks through the door.”

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