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Seven post-New Year’s Eve Covid restrictions Boris Johnson could introduce to tackle Omicron

As we bid farewell to 2021, many people are looking forward to celebrating the new year without further Covid restrictions.

On Monday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed that no more rules would be brought in before the new year but said “we will see” if new measures are needed in January.

But with Omicron cases surging new rules may be needed depending on how many people are hospitalised with the new variant, the Mirror reports.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson held back any further measures until at least the first week of January in the face of Tory opposition and a furious debate about if they’re needed.

Analysis last week by the UK Health Security Agency suggested a person with Omicron Covid is “50 to 70% less likely to be admitted to hospital” than a person with the Delta.

Growth of Omicron may also be slowing but it could just be that Christmas is disrupting testing and data-gathering.

And SAGE advisors say a “large wave” of hospital admissions “should be expected soon”, because the variant is spreading so quickly. Average daily Covid admissions in London have shot up from 193 to 324 in a week.

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