‘I compared Quality Street, Roses, Heroes and Celebrations to see which gives you the most chocolate and only one knows how to count’

Christmas is a time for family, fun and, most importantly, chocolate.

The average Brit spends around £5.50 a week on chocolate, but this triples during the festive period – and is it any wonder?

An advent calendar here, a selection box there. For better or worse, you simply cannot escape it.

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So MyLondon decided to test out the nation’s four most popular chocolate boxes, to find out which one gives you the most bang for your buck.

Much to my delight, my local Sainsbury’s stocked the big four – Quality Street, Heroes, Roses and Celebrations – with each box costing the bargain price of £2.

Who will come out on top?

You can of course get the much larger tins for around £5 – but I want to save room for my Christmas dinner at the end of the week.

Although I was biased going into the experiment (Heroes all the way), I kept an open mind, and as all good scientists do, I came up with some criteria.

How many chocolates are there in each box? Is it an even spread? Does the weight on the box match up in real life? These are all the vital issues I had to take into account.

And naturally, I took to Twitter to show off my findings – with some hilarious responses, including being told that I have a ‘sad little life’. Come on – It’s Christmas!

After laying them all out on my kitchen table and putting my baking scales to good use, let’s take a look at what we found.

Quality Street

Inequality Street: Toffee Penny lovers are out of luck

Toffee Penny lovers are out of luck

Quality Street? More like Inequality Street.

As my friend said upon seeing the above photo, “the lack of toffee in those Quality Streets is astounding”.

With the humble toffee penny’s taller, thinner sister outnumbering it three to one, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if some punters ask for their money back if they find this underneath the Christmas tree this December 25.

I’ve always been told that “the scales don’t lie”. Well if that’s the case, then Quality Street has been caught in the act with their chocolates weighing in at 2g less than the weight it says on the tin.

Quality Streets are mostly too sickly for my taste – they’re just too creamy. But with each chocolate costing just 8p, what could possibly go wrong?

What’s inside the £2 Quality Street box?

  • Fudge – 3
  • Chocolate Toffee Finger – 3
  • Orange Chocolate Crunch – 3
  • Caramel Swirl – 3
  • Milk Choc Block – 2
  • Strawberry Delight – 2
  • Orange Creme – 2
  • The Purple One – 2
  • Coconut Eclair – 2
  • The Green Triangle – 2
  • Toffee Penny – 1

Total: 25 chocolates

Rating: 5/10


With five Milky Ways compared to just two Twix, surely someone should be out of a job?

With five Milky Ways compared to just two Twix, surely someone should be out of a job?

I thought I was seeing things when I cracked open this box of Celebrations and saw that there were more than double the amount of Mars Bars and Milky Ways compared to the Maltesers and Twix.

Maybe they were short-staffed in the warehouse that day – or maybe they just couldn’t care less about upsetting the good people of the UK.

As one angry chocolate fan pointed out on Twitter: “The dwindling number of Maltesers in Celebrations boxes is an outrage.”

I couldn’t agree more. I’m very much a Bounty lover, but I accept I’m in the minority.

Two Maltesers is simply not enough and, had my sister been in the room, I know we would have been fighting over them. Christmas is stressful enough without a Maltesers -based fight.

What’s inside the £2 Celebrations box?

  • Milky Way – 5
  • Mars Bar – 5
  • Snickers – 4
  • Bounty – 4
  • Twix – 2
  • Malteser – 2
  • Galaxy – 2
  • Galaxy Caramel – 2

Total: 26 chocolates

Rating: 4/10


Weigh-in: Heroes is the best choice for those looking to get their money's worth

Heroes is the best choice for those looking to get their money’s worth

With 31 chocolates weighing nearly 300g, Heroes by far gives you the best value for money over any of the other three boxes on this list.

My only criticism is that, with only two Twirls, you might find yourself a little bit disappointed in that department.

Not to worry, though, there’s plenty of Wispas to make up the number – and they’re kind of similar, right?

To quote Bonnie Tyler, “I need a Hero!” And so do you.

What’s inside the £2 Heroes box?

  • Wispa – 4
  • Fudge – 4
  • Creme Egg Twister – 4
  • Dinky Decker – 4
  • Chocolate Eclair – 4
  • Crunchie – 3
  • Dairy Milk – 3
  • Dairy Milk Caramel – 3
  • Twirl – 2

Total: 31 chocolates

Rating: 9/10

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Roses will put a smile on your face this Christmas

Roses will put a smile on your face this Christmas

Roses may not be the most obvious choice for a festive favourite, but if there’s one thing they know how to do, it’s how to play fair.

Nine different types of chocolate. Exactly three of each type. It shouldn’t be that difficult, but it turns out the staff in the Roses department are the only ones that know how to count.

There’s not much more to say, really. If you want to play it safe or avoid your children fighting over who gets what, then Roses is definitely the one to go for.

What’s inside the £2 Roses box?

  • Hazel Caramel – 3
  • Tango Orange Creme – 3
  • Hazel Whirl – 3
  • Signature Truffle – 3
  • Strawberry Dream – 3
  • Country Fudge – 3
  • Golden Barrel – 3
  • Caramel – 3
  • Dairy Milk – 3

Total: 27 chocolates

Rating: 8/10

Well, there you have it. The definitive, if perhaps not the most scientific, MyLondon guide on what chocolates you should buy this Christmas. I may have had a preference going in for Heroes, but after rigorous research, I’ve decided on a box of them this Christmas.

What’s your favourite Christmas chocolate treat? Let us know in the comments.

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