Mum of murdered sisters calls for police stations to face ‘special measures’ after officer misconduct

Police stations should be placed in “special measures” if officers’ conduct is found to repeatedly fall below the public’s expectations, the Venerable Wilhelmina Smallman has said.

It comes after Metropolitan Police officer Harry Chandler, based at a North East Borough Command police station, was dismissed last Friday after he used a racial slur to describe people of Pakistani origin in a WhatsApp message to former colleague Jamie Lewis.

PC Lewis, 33, and PC Deniz Jaffer, 47, who worked at the same unit, were jailed earlier this month for sharing unauthorised images of the bodies of Mrs Smallman’s daughters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27.

The sisters were murdered by Danyal Hussein, now 19, at Fryent Country Park, near Wembley, north-west London, in June 2020.

Chandler used the derogatory term when talking about an area of London to rent a property, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). It was found during investigations into the murder scene photos taken by Lewis and Jaffer.

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Mrs Smallman, a retired archdeacon and former schoolteacher, told i: “In schools, when you find they are not working as they should, they are placed in special measures. I think that is something they could implement in police stations.

”You send in people for inspection and you [the police station] don’t get a choice about which documents you submit. Investigators want it all, and they go through it all. That’s what we need.”

The Met declined to comment.

In April, PC Benjamin Kemp, of the same unit, was dismissed after a misconduct panel heard he struck a vulnerable teenager “at least 30 times” with his baton.

Officials said he used “inappropriate force” on the black 17-year-old girl, who was on escorted leave from a mental health unit in May 2019 when she became distressed after becoming separated from a group.

Kemp tried to handcuff her before spraying CS gas less than one metre from her face, the panel heard.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “This Government demands the highest standards from our police officers. There is no place in policing for the officers that conducted these acts.

“Any allegations of racially aggravated misconduct within the police must by law be referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct and last year we reformed the police complaints and disciplinary systems to improve accountability within police forces.”

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