Two London private hire vehicles smash into lights simultaneously

Image credit : Kenny4d3b88 edf7677f9ef34f2c9325e0b536369bba~mv2

Two Transport for London (TfL) licensed private hire vehicles were seen smashing into a set of traffic lights at the same time North London.

An image of the aftermath has been doing the rounds on social media sparked debate over the safety of ride-hailing drivers.


Responding on the tweet, one person wrote: “Did we ever see carnage like this on our streets before apps? It confirms without a shadow of a doubt that convenience is more important than safety.”

Another replied: “it’s about time, actually beyond time, that the emergency services start to make representations to TfL about the standards of PH drivers.”

Another made reference to F1 superstars, saying: “Looks like Max and Lewis fighting for the first corner.”

Kenny, who was at the scene, said: “2 Uber/Bolt/Ola? Doing the first run to start the knowledge, Manor House to Gibson Square!

“These 2 didn’t make it past the first set of traffic lights! Keep going fellas you will get there 1 day.”

Kenny made reference to the world renowned Knowledge of London test, which is what all London black taxi drivers must complete before being granted a badge to work in the capital.

This particular collision just happened to take place at the start of the very first “run” which a cabbie must learn when starting to infamous course.

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