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The Bolds are just like you and me.

They live in an ordinary house on an ordinary street, and they love to laugh. But there’s one slight difference. They are actually hyenas! But how long can they keep their beastly secret under their hats?

Join Mr and Mrs Bold and their twins Betty and Bobby as they navigate work, school and friends while trying to hide their hairy tails and keep up their disguise living as humans in the quiet suburban town of Teddington. Whatever will the neighbours think?

Production Photos The Bolds -Taken at The Unicorn Theatre

Combining live music and songs by Julian Clary and Simon Wallace, The Bolds will have you laughing like a bunch of, well, hyenas, in a show which revels in the joy of being anything but ordinary.

The full cast is David Ahmad as Fred Bold, Amanda Gordon as Amelia Bold, Sam Swann as Bobby Bold and Mae Munuo as Betty Bold, Sam Pay as Mr McNumpty, Charity Bedu-Addo as Minnie and Jon Trenchard as Uncle Tony.

Julian Clary’s series of six children’s books is a Sunday Times best seller having sold over half a million copies worldwide.

we17 p37 pets Bolds at Unicorn Theatre Photo Ellie Kurttz SMALLThe Bolds

The Bolds is a family show for everyone aged 6 and above. The running time of the film is 1 hour 45 mins.

The Unicorn Theatre has announced that a film of the show will be streamed

The production is playing at the venue until Friday, December 31.

It will be available to watch on the Unicorn website from Monday, December 20 to 24.


Production Photos: The Bolds -Taken at The Unicorn Theatre

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