Strange orange light spotted in the sky over West London

People in West London have spotted a strange orange light in the sky in the past few nights.

Many pictures have appeared on social media in recent days showing a sliver of orange glow in an otherwise pitch black night sky.

Londoners took to Twitter, curious what the strange light could be.

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One man spotted the light while walking his dog in Hayes

One person in Hayes wrote: “Walking the dog in the pitch black and this orange light source breaking through the sky, any ideas?? It’s not the moon for certain that’s behind me.”

Another wrote: “Been seeing a weird orange light in the sky recently across West London”

A third said: “A bright lens of cloud in London sky. How can it be explained?”

Some people offered an explanation for the source of the light.

One person speculated on Twitter: “Strange lights in the sky in North West London being caused by orange light being shone on the Wembley Stadium pitch to mimic daylight to keep the grass in top condition”

Another person agreed: “Apparently – it’s grow lights to help the grass in Wembley Stadium (seriously)”

A third said: “It’s the light in Wembley Stadium for treating the grass.”

MyLondon has attempted to contact Wembley Stadium for comment.

Have you seen the orange glow recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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