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Love Island’s Hugo Hammond ‘kicked out’ of London kebab shop


Love Island star Hugo Hammond was reportedly removed from a kebab shop in Clapham in the early hours of Sunday morning after breaking up a fight.

In a video obtained by the Daily Mail, the 25-year-old was with a group of girls at Tora Kebab near Infernos Nightclub when the brawl broke out at around 4am.

A bystander told the MailOnline that a “random man” through a chip at one of the girls “as a joke”, before she “over-reacted and got in his face shouting, throwing some food at him”.

The onlooker said he then “reacted violently and punched her food out of her hand.”

This was what reportedly prompted a man to call out: “Someone get this [inaudible] out of here.”

Hugo can then be heard responding “bro, relax brother, relax”.

The girl who had thrown the chips can then be seen pointing at another individual, before the former PE teacher stood in her way and took her aside.

Hugo then approached the man who it seemed had been involved in the brawl, who proceeded to stand up in unison with a companion, pull up his jeans and approach the reality star.

A blonde girl then protects the Love Island star by standing in between the two and pushing the young man away.

The MailOnline reported that the owners of the kebab shop, as well as security from nearby Infernos, reportedly appeared and escorted everyone out of the front door.

It was alleged that Hugo comforted the group of girls on the street, before re-entering the store to buy food for them.

Hugo Hammond was one of the singletons looking for love this summer, but was dumped from Love Island with Amy Day.

The Oxford Brookes University grad worked as a secondary school PE teacher beforehand.

Newsquest south London has approached Hugo’s representative for comment.

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